Entry #1

Sup NG

2012-05-31 18:36:11 by Neoluce


I'm Neoluce AKA lord-lucifer-kv
some may now me from DeviantART.com -> http://lord-lucifer-kv.deviantart.com
For Newgrounds i chose to change my name, i will also change it on my DA in the future because of religious dispute.
"Friends" call me Samuël.
I'm not so much of an animator but i love to watch the Newground video's, i don't have flash myself so if i ever do upload a video it'll be one made with a different program and probably without sound (if its possible to upload that i'm not sure about that).

If i upload something it'll probably be art as in drawings and stuff.
other than that im here for the games, videos and other people's art.



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